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Meditation & Mocktails

Join us for a divine feminine workshop where we flow through femininity, sensuality, self-love & spirituality.


Yoga, meditation, journaling & connecting with other like-minded feminine women. Mocktails are provided & supportive wellness products will be available for purchase.


Join us!

Saturday, May 20th


Space Is Limited           $ 25


White Time Healing Circle

All are welcome to participate in this exclusive round-robin style healing circle featuring White Time Energy and Gemstone healing.

Everyone gets a turn on the table to receive White Time energy and the featured gemstone treatment of the month.

Every 2nd Tuesday

7 - 9pm

Limited Spaces           $ 30

Healing Stones

UWT Gemstone
Healing Level 1

Connect with crystals in a new meaningful way

•Increase your intuitive awareness of stones


•Work with new crystal master guides

•Learn to perform healings that LAST and create permanent change.


Learn to heal with crystals and gemstones to hear yourself and others and to accelerate your spiritual growth.


Level 1 includes:


• how to feel the vibration of stones

• how to select the stones that work well together

• how to clean and purify stones

• The Golden Movement 1

• how to use stones for healing animals

• recipes for “stone baths” for the aura

• 5 powerful layouts which are all experienced in class

• A Universal White Time initiation

Pre-registration is required

June 10th - 11th

Varied Times

Limited Spaces           $ 475

Tea Leaf Reading.png

Tea Leaf

The Gentle Art of Tea Leaf Reading, also known as Tasseomancy (cup prophecy) originated in China after the discovery of Tea in 2737 BC. Drinking Tea as Medicine & Consulting the Tea Leaves has been practiced around the world ever since.

Donna Penney is a Multi-Generational Tasseomancer, & Holistic Practitioner. At a young age, Donna’s Grandmother passed to her the time-honored tradition of Tea Leaf Reading, Donna was instructed on how to mindfully prepare, & serve Tea, She was taught the meaning of symbols made by the leaves left in the cup & how to interpret them.

Donna offers insight & guidance on current circumstances as well as portend future events as seen in the Cup.

“Donna is a gifted Reader authentically connected”

“A very insightful & beautiful experience”

“Spot on”

“My reading with Donna was a true blessing!"

Saturday, June 10th

12 - 3pm

Join Us           $ 45


Monthly Essence Circle

For those who are interested in a supported space to explore elemental essences, join us on the second Thursday evening of each month, beginning April 13. We will meet 6:30-8:30 PM.

There is no requirement to be a part of the circle from month to month.

We will meet and journey with a different elemental essence each month. Each participant will receive a bottle of the essence we are working with for the month.

After the journey, we will spend time sharing and discussing the energy of the essence.

Some previous shamanic journeying experience is recommended but not required.

Please bring any props you need to feel supported and comfortable. Suggestions include a mat, blankets, eye pillow, head rest etc.

Every 2nd Thursday

6:30 - 8:30pm

Limited Spaces           $ 50


Sound Bath & Gentle Massage

You most likely have heard of various events where a sound bath is combined with other therapies, such as restorative yoga and sound bath, sound bath and Reiki, etc. In this event, a new unique combination has come together in something called SoMassage: Sound Bath and Gentle Massage.

In this event Karen Perron of Shine On Massage Therapy will be joining Fred Maerkle of Zentastic Wellness for a one of a kind event! Imagine being immersed in a sea of soothing sound, and getting a gentle therapeutic head, neck, and shoulder massage at the same time....

The energy sound healing and massage brings is like no other, imagine the room filled with sound and massage energy and a full room of souls, the combined energy would be breath taking! Come help us fill the room with magical energy. Karen will be doing massage from to person to person while Fred performs the sound bath.

For this event please bring a yoga mat, blankets, bolsters, zero gravity chair, etc. or whatever you need to be comfortable.

Sunday, May 21st

11 - 12pm

Limited Spaces           $ 44


Level 1

Become certified in this new advanced ET-based energy healing modality!  Accelerate your spiritual growth and learn tools to heal yourself and others on a deep soul level. UWT is a manifestation of Light and Love that encourages one’s personal awakening and truth while working with all frequencies of color and time – past, present and future in one unit.

Are you an energy healer, or Reiki master looking to increase your abilities? UWT Healing is an ancient universal healing art of cosmic origin. It was designed by higher beings to accelerate our healing and spiritual growth for our ascension to the New Earth. White Time works with all time as one unit- past, present, and future. It individually searches for the problem, finding the need, wherever that may be, inside or outside the person, animal, plant, or situation to heal. The only side effect is that most become happier afterwards.

In Level 1:

  • You are given a basic understanding of Universal White Time Healing and you will be connected to this Force by initiations

  • Hands-on-healing on others and on self

  • Distance healing on others and on self

  • Very special shoulder healing where you heal an energy system in the body that is not yet discovered by man kind

  • To seal the energy in the body so it can work for a month

  • How to Balance the chakras

  • How to clean the Aura

  • How to do Accident healing

  • How to heal food, animals and plants

  • How to heal Mother Earth

  • Light Touch Healing

  • Using powerful Healing Symbols

  • Information about The Golden Knights

  • What happens inside the healer?

  • The Golden Movement, Part 1

  • And much more!


During the class you will receive an initiation. 13 big blocks are removed in order to understand and take in the Force of Universal White Time Healing. One block equals 40 years of meditation.

August 25th - 27th

Varied Times

Limited Spaces           $ 525

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