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Functional Anatomy classes take a deeper look into the structure and function of common joint pathology and integrates multicultural practices as well as advanced bodywork techniques.  Each class consists of a 30-45 minute lecture followed by a demonstration and hands-on practice.  Classes are 2 hours earning 2 CE credits.

$50 per class

$225 5-Pack

$400 10-Pack

$600 Membership (includes all FA classes)

01/16/20 Intro to Cupping

01/30/20 Shredding the IT Band

02/06/20 Deep Abdominal Release

02/20/20 Shoulder Impingement Fix

03/05/20 Thai for the Table

03/19/20 Thoracic & Neck Treatment

04/02/20 Groin & Pubic Bone Treatment

04/16/20 Carpal Tunnel Treatment

04/30/20 Intro to Kinesiology

05/07/20 Intro to Postural Assessment

05/21/20 Headache & Migraine Relief

06/04/20 Shoulder Complex

06/18/20 Iliopsoas - The Muscle of the Soul

09/03/20 Adductor Release

09/17/20 Rotator Cuff Treatment

10/01/20 Hip Flexor Release

10/15/20 Scapular Release

10/29/20 Low Back - Sciatica vs. Piriformis Syndrome

11/05/20 The Gua Sha Technique

11/19/20 Dynamic Hamstring Treatment



$50 Per Class