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Join us Monday evenings for meditations, mindfulness practices and creating community.

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Fire allows for rapid transformation. It provides the avenue to honor your lessons and old belief structures by turning them over to Spirit, thus enabling you to heal deeply at the level of the soul without having to experience them.

Fire ceremony, one of the core rituals in many medicine traditions, is typically held around the full or new moon of each month, when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest.

Before entering the fire circle, we will create an offering out of burnable materials, typically a small stick. This “spirit arrow” can represent something that needs to be honored in order for you to let go of it. The offering serves to focus one’s attention in active meditation.

Fire ceremony allows us to source from our soul and to re-remember how we have sat around sacred fires throughout time. Whenever you feel blocked, or are working on what you want to dream into your life, fire is an incredible tool to help you change and shift.

2020 Dates

01/10  Friday 6 PM Wolf Moon

02/08 Saturday 5 PM Snow Moon

03/09 Monday 6 PM Worm Moon

04/08 Wednesday 6 PM Pink Moon

05/06 Wednesday 6 PM Flower Moon

06/05 Friday 6 PM Strawberry Moon

07/01 Wednesday 6 PM Buck Moon

08/03 Monday 6 PM Sturgeon Moon

09/02 Wednesday 6 PM Corn Moon

10/02 Friday 6 PM Hunter's Moon

10/30 Friday 6 PM Blue Moon

11/30 Monday 6 PM Beaver Moon

Donations graciously accepted



Transform your body, life mind, and purpose in a group of like-minded men on the same mission.  Together we will clear our minds, rejuvenate the body, and return to optimum health with the tools and knowledge needed to be applied to everyday life.  



We will teach you how to improve your mindset. “It changed my entire view on everything,” one enthusiastic participant shared. We want to help you upgrade the way you think to create the life you want.

Become Whole. Healthy. Happy. Integrated. The dark and the light in you are there for a reason. It’s time you bring them together in a safe community space.


Work-In. You already KNOW how to Workout. We’ll teach you to manage your energy levels so you can perform at your peak.  We’re hosting a gathering for men just like YOU on the last Friday of every month at 6 PM.  Will you join us? 

$10 - This Men's group meets on the last Friday of every month at 6 PM



Functional Anatomy classes take a deeper look into the structure and function of common joint pathology and integrates multicultural practices as well as advanced bodywork techniques.  Each class consists of a 30-45 minute lecture followed by a demonstration and hands-on practice.  Classes are 2 hours earning 2 CE credits.

$50 per class

$225 5-Pack

$400 10-Pack

$600 Membership (includes all FA classes)

01/16/20 Intro to Cupping

01/30/20 Shredding the IT Band

02/06/20 Deep Abdominal Release

02/20/20 Shoulder Impingement Fix

03/05/20 Thai for the Table

03/19/20 Thoracic & Neck Treatment

04/02/20 Groin & Pubic Bone Treatment

04/16/20 Carpal Tunnel Treatment

04/30/20 Intro to Kinesiology

05/07/20 Intro to Postural Assessment

05/21/20 Headache & Migraine Relief

06/04/20 Shoulder Complex

06/18/20 Iliopsoas - The Muscle of the Soul

09/03/20 Adductor Release

09/17/20 Rotator Cuff Treatment

10/01/20 Hip Flexor Release

10/15/20 Scapular Release

10/29/20 Low Back - Sciatica vs. Piriformis Syndrome

11/05/20 The Gua Sha Technique

11/19/20 Dynamic Hamstring Treatment

$50 Per Class



Come and learn the art of self-healing to remove blocks, promote well-being and manifest your souls true purpose. This ancient Japanese technique of healing can transform your life!

LEVEL 1 introductory course; you will learn about the history of Reiki, how it was brought to the west, the art of self-healing, and how to integrate this simple practice into your life that can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve overall well-being, and so much more!

LEVEL 2 In this workshop you will learn the art of working with others, increase your intuitive abilities, learn the healing symbols of Sei He Ki for emotional/spiritual healing and Hon Sho Ne Sho Zen for distance healing as well as aura healing and clearing.

MASTER Receive the Reiki Master Attunement to raise your vibration so you can maximize access to the Universal Life Force. You become a supercharged channel, enabling you to offer a concentrated amount of Reiki in a shorter period of time.

Receive the Reiki Master Symbol and learn how to use this powerful tool to facilitate healing yourself and others and energizing your intentions and manifestations. The Reiki Master Symbol supports you infusing your life with love, health, happiness, abundance, and full self-expression.

Learn to perform the Reiki I Attunement ceremony.

Receive additional tools for accessing your inner being, accelerating your personal growth and evolution, expanding your spiritual awareness, and facilitating more joy, ease and well-being in your life.

TEACHER Are ready to take the next step and learn how to teach Reiki? If so then please join us for this exciting class! You will learn how to structure a class, administer attunements, and create safe space. You will be given 2 additional symbols and basic class materials.

To ensure that you receive appropriate one-on-one training I am limiting class size to 6 attendees. If your previous training was with a different Reiki Teacher you must provide documentation of prerequisite training.

Level 1 $150   Level 2 $250   Master $325   Teacher $400  (4 class series $825 - save $300)



Shamanic Reiki is an evolving, esoteric art inviting us to work in increasingly dynamic ways with universal life force energy. These exclusive, intensive training's bring together two powerful healing methods--shamanism and Reiki. Shamanism teaches us to tap the power, wisdom and energy of the spiritual realms and of nature, to create opportunities out of personal and global crises and Reiki provides a paradigm for focusing nature's spiritual energy to heal ourselves.


02/01/20 Level 1 introduces Shamanism to Reiki and the basic tenets of both practices.

03/07/20 Level 2 introduces the Power Energy centers, the 5 Dharma types, Shamanic Journeying and the Rattle as a healer.

04/04/20 Level 3 focuses on boundaries and relationships, and integrates plant medicine through Fire ceremony.

05/02/20 Level 4 will focus on healing ancestral Karma, a full trip around the Medicine Wheel and achieving emotional wholeness, authenticity & integrity.

Class Levels 1-4  $300 per class (4 class series $1000)



Many people feel drawn to the healing professions, but not all are comfortable with the Western medical approach. Holistic health practitioners offer an increasingly respected and centuries-old alternative that emphasizes total wellness of mind, body, emotions and spirit. They treat people not as collections of parts and diseases, but as whole individuals.


This is an exciting time to pursue a holistic health education. Many ancient healing traditions, such as acupuncture, Ayurveda and herbal medicine, are enjoying renewed popularity. Newer healing modalities that were once dismissed are now being researched and respected. People are taking responsibility for their personal wellness and looking to trained professionals to help them on their path.


Integrated Healing Arts Practitioner Curriculum

  • Soul Discovery

    • The three lies

    • Labels and attachments

    • Understanding psyche

    • Shifting the paradigm

  • Anatomy & Physiology – Structure & Musculature

    • Joint structures and functions

    • Tissues of the body

    • Major muscles of the body

    • Introduction to postural assessment

  • Anatomy & Physiology – Body Systems

    • Respiratory system

    • Circulatory system

    • Digestive system

    • Lymphatic system

  • Introduction to common pathologies

    • Diabetes

    • Sprains, strains, and inflammation

    • Anxiety and depression

    • Trauma and PTSD

    • Stress and addiction

  • Human energy healing systems

    • Understanding the aura

    • Introduction to the chakra system

    • Meridians and energy points

    • The Sen (wind) lines of the body

  • The way of the Shaman

    • The medicine wheel

    • Nurture with nature

    • Healing ancestral Karma 

  • Aromatherapy

    • The science behind how they work

    • Oils for mental/emotional healing

    • Oils for physical healing

    • Creating customized blends

  • Crystal healing, crystal grids

    • Crystal Earth energy

    • 10 commonly used stones

    • Creating a custom charm bag

    • Crystal grids for continued healing

  • Meditation & movement

    • The art of being present

    • Using the breath to quiet the mind

    • Its not all OM and stillness

  • Stress management and relaxation techniques

    • Awareness - Identifying triggers

    • Integrating techniques

    • Letting go of attachment

  • Spirituality in healing through therapeutic touch

    • Theory and history of spiritual healing

    • Healing movements and practice

    • Cupping and Gua Sha techniques

    • Self-care practices

  • Natural and homeopathic remedies

    • The history of Herbalism

    • Alternative medicine approaches to disease

    • Hands-on techniques and application

  • Healing with sound & music

    • Structure and physics of sound

    • History of sound healing

    • Sound consciousness and spirituality

    • Applied study on instruments

  • Counseling theories and strategies

    • Communicating with your client

    • Maintaining strong personal and professional boundaries

    • Client centered strategies

  • Business building, branding, and marketing

    • Creating a business plan

    • Branding

    • Marketing on social media

    • How to get yourself noticed

  • Internship and clinical practicum

    • Internship: working with the CHL tribe

    • Clinical practicum: working on the public

Holistic Health Practitioner Career Outlook

Modern society is rife with pollution, stress and disease, and people are concerned for their health and increasingly aware of the limitations of Western medicine. Because of these reasons, the demand for holistic health practitioners has increased dramatically in recent years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) current Occupational Outlook Handbook expects above average growth rates through 2026 in alternative medicine professions.

One time payment $1200

2 Installments $625 each

3 Installment $425 each

4 installments $350 each

Please call 860.357.2478 to schedule an interview and a tour of the facilities.  We currently offer this class twice a year and limit each class to 8 participants.

4 Month Intensive (15 lectures & 2 clinics)