Meet Ellie

RM, Aromatherapist, Healer


Who am I?

I am a Scientist with multiple degrees, I am a former Sunday School teacher, I am an ex-wife and I have died once with
two other near-death experiences. Today, I am an energy healer, a wife, and moving forward in life with my passion to
empower others with natural solutions.

Why start with this on here? Our paths are not always a straight line, in fact they rarely are, with many bumps, twists and turns along the way. Some may affect us physically; some may be emotional while others are spiritual. And of course, we can have any combination thereof. When we look back on our tough times, what do we see? We see times where some were our cheerleaders telling us we could get through it. We also see those who stood by us and aided us through the challenges of the day and those who were only meant to be a part of our journey for a short while. However, the constant in all of our life event is ourself. Growing and healing ourselves is an intricate part of aiding our life as a whole; my journey continues daily.

I used to think holistic healing, crystals, psychics, essential oils, and herbs were a bunch of quackery. I have a MS in
Infectious Diseases and a BS in Molecular Biology and I was trained to believe science held all the answers. I was proven
wrong in the fall of 2019 while going through a divorce. My now husband suggested I get a Reiki session I told him, “I
don’t know what that is and don’t know what to expect.” His response? “You do not need to believe in it or know what it
is – it is an experience. The worst thing that will happen is you will lay down for 30 minutes to an hour in silence to rest."


That experience opened a whole new world to me. I left the session flabbergasted and needed to know how she knew what she knew and why I felt so much lighter after the Reiki. That first Reiki session opened the door to exploring essential oils and learning I was an intuitive when it came to crystals. I started a small business making custom essential oil blend rollers with crystals in them and infusing the entire roller with Reiki energy. Along with Reiki, I also offer many other healing sessions including Symphony of the Cells where an essential oil protocol is rubbed into your spine to ease a specific symptom like digestive trouble or congestion.

I have personally found health and reinvigoration in natural medicine and energy healing. I believe that we all have the
power to heal ourselves, but sometimes we need assistance. My passion is helping people and if you feel we are called to
work together I would happily assist you on your journey.

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