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Megan Desrosiers, or “Bone” as her husband calls her, finds it hard to label herself as one thing. Among other things, she is an artist, herbalist, cacao ceremony facilitator, psychopomp, crystal healing practitioner, master reiki practitioner, environmentalist, and animal lover. At the core of all of it, she is a multi-faceted, mystical being. She has been painting with watercolors since the age of nine and animal skulls have been finding her for most of her adult life. Megan feels she has two main purposes in this lifetime. One is to help others become more comfortable with all forms of death; from the little ones we undergo throughout our lives to the big Death. Her second goal is to help others learn to trust in themselves; to understand that they don’t need to seek answers in external sources because they already have all they need inside. Megan is by nature a curious being, and holistically blends the knowledge she gains through her various pursuits into her own unique offerings.

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