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Meet Melissa

CFO & Co-Founder


My philosophy is simple: the mind, body and spirit are not separate entities. It is my belief that having a balanced body structure and musculature is a major factor in overall well-being.

Are you seeking Swedish or prenatal massage for relaxation and/or stress reduction? Are you an athlete training for your next event and in need of a sports massage? Do you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for neuromuscular therapy or myofascial release? No matter where you are in life, Balanced Bodies Therapeutic Massage can help.
I will use an integrative approach incorporating my knowledge and experience as a mother, a runner, a biochemist, and a licensed massage therapist, to help you achieve this balance. You, however, know your body best. After a brief consultation, we will together decide on a treatment plan.

I will be present, respectful, and compassionate with my touch.

You will benefit from a client-centered personalized treatment.

Together we can do great things. Let me help you maximize your potential!

To learn more about me and the services I offer, visit my website at:

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