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Meet Toby

LMT & Qi Gong Instructor


"I accept you where you are, but I will not leave you there." These are the words that I live by. My core mission in life is to show anyone and everyone unconditional love, patience, and understanding with the hopes that they receive it and allow me to help them move forward in any way that I can whether it be mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional.

I am a Christian and believe that Jesus had no issues sitting down next to anyone and asking them what He could do to help them because that is who He is and what He represents. I hope to be

able to show love the way that He did/does. Everyone deserves to

be loved exactly where they are at.

All my life I have known that I want to help others and feel like I am going to be used to help change the world in an amazing way. I do not want to ever put myself above or before others and that is one of the main reasons why I love massaging others and why the sessions that I have with clients can be very powerful. I've always felt that I had some sort of "power" in my hands and at a younger age I started recognizing the empathic gift that was given to me. Sometimes empathy can feel like a curse, but we need to be able to practice and balance energy to know when it is our own feelings that we are taking on or if it is that of others.

At the age of 25 I decided to go to school at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy which is where I met Chip. He saw something in me and believed in me regardless of how lost I felt in the world. What he did for me is exactly what I want to do for others. He helped guide me toward where I am today. I empathize with those who feel lost or without a purpose or drive and want to help them through the battle the way Chip did for me. 


I am also a Qi Gong instructor which has built a big part of who I am today and how I move through life. Qi Gong is an energy discipline with a strong emphasis on breathing and focus. It is very therapeutic but can be very challenging for some.

I am in school right now after a long time of being on my own and spending time discovering who I am and developing a strong personality and beliefs. My goal is to become a chiropractor, master healer, counselor, life coach, and anything else I can learn to help others become the best versions of themselves. We all deserve peace and joy and I hope that I can be used for the public and the world to help bring them to that place.

"They will know us by our love."

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