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White Time Healing 

Universal White Time Healing works with both hands-on-healing and crystal healing layouts.

Universal White Time Healing is a non-invasive form of alternative energy healing. This is a new powerful method that vibrates at a higher frequency than Reiki's healing energy. UWTH is integral to the energy-healing process.  UWTH can clear multiple layers of conscious, physical, mental, auric, emotional, and causal issues, including “etheric garbage,” such as unconscious memories.


Energetic issues like these keep people from manifesting their highest authentic potential. White Time healers, including me, have reverence to the hidden laws of the Universe and do not create any imbalances or karma.


White Time healers work on many time levels, to help integrate the present into a seamless continuum of all past and future possible outcomes. During UWTH treatment, trained healers place hands on or over the client’s body over the energy centers of the New Earth Chakra system and this improves energy flow, alleviates imbalances, and enables the body’s natural cellular intelligence to heal itself from within on all levels.

Receiving Universal White Time Healing


The UWTH method is very effective at helping to release and support the healing of childhood and adult post-traumatic stressors, emotional pain, sadness, and worry.

Crystal Healing is the art of using and placing specific crystals in the right places to achieve a desired result. Crystal healing can help with headaches, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, lack of libido, lack of concentration, healing the mind and more.

70 Minutes           $220

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