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Nicola teaches an all-inclusive Kundalini Yoga class. She uses mantra, sound, movement, breath, and meditation.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yoga system of exercises to prepare the body and mind for meditation to promote health, happiness, and spiritual awareness.

In a Kundalini Yoga class, students will be guided through kriyas or yoga sets that can be anywhere from vigorous and intense to calming and relaxing. When the yoga set is done, it is followed with a gong relaxation and a meditation.

All levels are welcomed, no previous experience needed. Please bring your mat and a small throw blanket.

Every Sunday Morning

9:00 - 10am

Space is Limited           $ 20

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All Levels

Join Nicole for All Levels Yoga on Wednesday for a fun and explorative yoga practice of joining breath, movement and the mind to discover a deeper connection to ourselves.


We will move through hatha and flow style practices, with emphasis on the breath and the experience for each person.


Nicole offers a class that is accessible to all bodies and levels of experience with yoga, meeting her students and challenging them in the present moment,  wherever they may be.  

All levels are welcomed, no previous experience needed. Please bring your mat and a small throw blanket.

Every Wednesday Afternoon

5:00 - 6pm

Space is Limited           $ 20

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Yoga movement and breathwork does not mean you have to turn yourself into a pretzel on the floor.

Chair Yoga is a great way to incorporate yoga movement and practices into your self-care routine.  It promotes health, happiness, and spiritual awareness through mindfulness, conscious movement, and breathwork.

Join us Monday mornings for Chair Yoga.  All abilities welcome. This is a fantastic opportunity to engage in your practice adding assistance with a chair, blocks and yoga straps.


If you are new to yoga, have an injury you are mending, want to aid your body in a little more flexibility and guidance in a pose, or just want a little extra assistance, this is the class for you.

Please bring your water bottle and a small throw blanket.

Every Monday Morning

10:00 - 11am

Limited Space           $ 20

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Join Aliscia every Saturday for morning flow Vinyasa Yoga.

Aliscia will guide students through one hour of Vinyasa poses, including stretching, sun salutations, and grounding poses and complete the session with a restful meditation known as Savasana.

Start your weekend off energized and grounded, moving through any lingering stress and coming back home to yourself.

Please bring your mat, a small throw blanket, and your water bottle.

Every Saturday Morning

8:00 - 9am

Space is Limited           $ 20

Tues Morn Yoga.png


Join Tiffany for a 1-hour Gentle Yoga practice that will allow you to move at a comfortable pace that will create less strain on your
muscles and joints. Enjoy stretching, seated yoga poses, low-impact movements supported by props, and breathwork to calm your nervous

We will engage the parasympathetic nervous system to encourage digestion, lowered stress levels, and the ability to relax and heal.  Each pose is held for 3-10 minutes to allow time for your muscles, ligaments, and mind to let go and relax. 


Come off your mat feeling flexible in your body, relaxed in your mind, and calmed in your nervous system.

This class is appropriate for all levels, not just beginners. Please bring your mat and a small throw blanket.

Every Tuesday Morning

10:00 - 11am

Space is Limited           $ 20


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is slow practice. The passive longer-holding poses allow a deeper stretch to the connective tissues of the hips, lower back, pelvis, and inner thighs.

All poses are held on the floor.


What are the benefits of Yin Yoga?

• Calms and balances the mind and body
• Creates space for insight giving you clarity on something you need in your life
• Increases circulation
• Promotes the feeling of well-being
• Allows you to slow down, be present and be with each experience
• Improves flexibility and range of motion
• Releases fascia and improves joint mobility

What if I never did yoga or have little experience?

In case you’re wondering, you don’t need to be able to wrap your right ankle around your left ear.

Please arrive by 10:30am so you have time to settle in.


What to bring:

A blanket, a yoga mat and a water bottle.  Please bring your favorite journal and a pen as you will have time to write and reflect.  Wear comfortable clothing.

Sunday, April 2nd

10:45 - 12:45pm

Limited Spaces          $ 50

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