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Nicola is devoted to her practice and sharing her knowledge and healing qualities. She offers a variety of services and has over 6 years of experience.

Nicola has been practicing yoga and meditation since she was 24. In 2018, she became certified in SuperHealth: Yogic Science for Addictive Behaviors. That same year, she became certified in Kundalini Yoga. Since then, she has been practicing and teaching locally.

Nicola is a full-time K-12 Special Education teacher. She earned her certification for Radiant Child Yoga and Yoga for Children with ADHD and Those Differently Abled in 2019. By implementing her practices in the classroom, she has gained a level of comfort teaching all children breathing and calming techniques.

As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Nicola shares the authentic teachings and wisdom of yoga from India. Through intention, pranayama, and meditation, yogis leave her classes feeling relaxed and refreshed. Her classes will challenge you both physically and mentally while being varied for all levels.

In her personal practice, Nicola is a guide and facilitator for her own healing and spiritual growth. She believes there is more than one way to process and clear karmic energy. Because of that, she regularly uses  yoga, meditation, Reiki, singing bowls, and Shamanic teachings to support her.


She is a RYT and a member of IKYTA, and Yoga Alliance.


Nicole is an open-hearted yogini, a joyful student and a grateful teacher of yoga and meditation, who loves to share her practice in community.


After having a strong personal practice and sharing that with others in her travels, she learned to teach and was certified at an ashram and retreat center in the Colorado mountains. She lived there, taught yoga, meditation, yoga teacher trainings, practiced bhakti and devotion to her practice and chopped wood and carried water for 7 years.


Having over 900 hours of training and teaching over 2,000, Nicole is always seeking new ways to approach her somatic practice, and how best to share that with others. She views her classes as a gateway to the mind, body and breath, a means to be curious about the physical body as well as the subtle body and the nervous system. Weaving in yoga philosophy, mythology and wisdom, she seeks to share the essence and full experiences of yoga on and off the mat.


She is a recent transplant to Connecticut, having moved back to Connecticut in 2022 and super excited to find a deeper yoga community in her new home. 


Mary began her yoga journey in 2009 after completing a 200-hour, all styles YTT, at Ganesh College of Yoga. Shortly after, Mary studied at Newington Yoga Center, diving into Embodyoga and Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans. She went on to complete an additional 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification at Be.Yoga, in 2022, as well as a certificate for Trauma Informed Yoga at WHY. Mary holds an AromaTouch Technique Certification with doTERRA, Reiki 1 Certified, and has recently been dabbling in Yogic Nutrition.  Continuing education is a foundation of who Mary is. It is important to be open-minded and always learning. This allows her to be a valuable resource for her clients. 


​Finding a passion for giving back, Mary teaches children's programs at several schools throughout CT. She loves how all her students, of all ages and abilities, bring their own energies to the practice, creating a space of acceptance and good energy to the universe. "We should embrace our qualities and differences and share them with the world. Be kind to one another."


​In addition to yoga, Mary is a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA. She assists in educating her clients with healthy options and alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Giving them the freedom to make choices for themselves and their families. To find out more, visit: ​


In her spare time, Mary enjoys spending time with family, especially her son Ryan. She loves traveling, being outdoors, reading a good book and writing. She has a love for trying new foods and cooking. Mary finds enjoyment in meeting new people and building community. She believes a smile can change everything.



I’ve always known my calling in life was to help the collective heal and grow.
Hi! My name is Aliscia. I’m a license 200HR yoga teacher , as well as tarot reader, and wellness content creator.
I specialize in Vinyasa style yoga, while also incorporating restorative and grounding poses.  As a yoga teacher, I have grown to love movement to help me tap in with my femininity & overall health & wellbeing and I cannot wait to bring that to you as well!  Thanks for joining me!


Tiffany: My yoga journey began over 20 years ago taking classes at Collinsville Yoga and as life happened, found myself off and on the mat.  Ya know, those years when life happens?   During the COVID lockdowns, there was only so much Tiger King one could watch and found there were numerous free online yoga classes.  Those classes reignited the connection between my body, breath & mind.  Relearning or better said, remembering that the connection to quiet the ‘hamster on the wheel’ in your head and clears out the cobwebs.  


My son was entering his senior year when I had to have a talk with myself... what did I want to do once he went to college and my house was empty.  My answer was instant... become a yoga teacher. Graduated with a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification with Kristin Cork of Be.Yoga out of Avon, CT in March 2022.  Fell in love with teaching Beginners, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga.   I look forward to meeting you on the mat, however you show up, to support your journey into yoga.


If I'm not on a yoga mat, enjoy hiking new trails, trying new recipes in the kitchen (mostly the ones that tricks my family into thinking there's gluten or dairy in them), starting veggie plants from seed and walking while listening to Audible.  My other favorite place is on the sidelines of a baseball game watching my son play baseball.  To round out my life are two bonus kids, 'the' hubby, and telling the kids they can not get a flying squirrel. 

Currently am enrolled in Restorative Yoga Training with YogaRenew, to continue learning and expanding my yoga training.


Lynn is a Mind/Body Eating Coach, Yin and Gentle Yoga Teacher, writer, and speaker.

She helps people transform stress eating, bingeing, craving, and overeating. Because food is
never the real issue, it only looks that way. She helps people have a better relationship with
themselves, listening to the right inner voice. Their habits naturally fade when they live with less stress and more peace.

Lynn enjoys guiding her yoga classes to the space within where they connect to their inner peace and true selves. From that space, they can linger in the present moment and experience new levels of clarity.

She’s been in the transformation field for over 25 years, helping hundreds of women transform from the inside out.

She has an 8-week signature group program, Finally, Free of Stress Eating, held virtually several times a year.

She offers small group virtual programs and private virtual one-on-one insightful conversation  sessions. Perfect for those who need clarity on something in their life, those who want to
eliminate non-serving habits/behaviors, those who want a deeper connection with themselves, etc.

She can be reached at & at or via Facebook.

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